Redrix is free and we have day jobs, so we don't offer active support. However, we hope the information below will help solve most common problems.

We will update this page as appropriate. Make sure you have the latest version installed.

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Confirm you are using your SteamID64. Get more info at


Make sure you enter your Stadia id in the form of GAMERTAG#ID (in many cases ID will be 0). For example foo#0 or bar#123. privacy settings

Because Redrix doesn't require your password, your game progression must be publicly available for us to display it.

Visit, and sign in. Click your profile image in the top right, and select Settings, then click on the Privacy tab. Enable "Show my Destiny game Activity Feed on" and "Show my Progression" under "Destiny Privacy".


Wrong map image

A couple of maps have the wrong image in Bungie's Destiny API. They are aware of the problem.

Black screen on start up

The Samsung J6+ appears to have issues with our app platform (Flutter). We are investigating this issue.

Breakthrough game mode in Glory

This is an issue in Bungie's Destiny API. We have reported it to them.

[?] character in title

This is likely due to an emoticon or special unicode character in your gamer tag. We can't render it, but it shouldn't cause any other issues.

Wrong platform displayed.

We display the gamertag and platform retrieved from the Destiny API. In some cases where cross-save has been enabled, Bungie will return the original account. All of your stats will be tracked and displayed across all of your accounts.

I still need help

Feel free to jump on our Discord server. We, or someone from the community might be able to help.