Redrix v1.1 Make Shaxx Proud!

Git gud at Crucible!

Redrix gives you tools to improve your Destiny 2 PvP skills.
Tap after matchmaking to preview the map & game type. Change gear before the match starts.
Check rank, points to next rank, & win streak.
Review results for recent games.
Quickly swap between characters & accounts.
Toggle between Glory & Valor.
See stats & charts for up to 100 recent games.
Track games completed since reset.
Commit to your battles wisely.
Every death counts.
Analyse performance for up to 100 recent games.
Tap for detailed match results.
Switch between different stats.
Quickly swap between characters & accounts.
Select individual games to get details.
Evaluate performance with average & trend lines.
Toggle between Glory & Valor.
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View detailed results for any recent match.
Kill breakdown by weapon & ability.
Game date, time, & duration.
Review final score & core stats.
Medal count & descriptions.
Tap or swipe to browse through games.